Together, we share one core belief; innovation wins.

It all started with an online shop

A few years back, Sid (Co-Founder and CEO) got a frustrated call from Jerry (Co-Founder and COO). Their E-commerce business, Microderm GLO, faced challenges with disconnected marketing systems. Stitching together various tools became a time-consuming and costly hassle. So we built a product that consolidated all the marketing systems onto one platform.

As we set out to solve the same problem for E-commerce businesses everywhere, we realized that simplifying marketing systems wasn’t just the better way to save time and money—it’s the better way to do business. We’ve since built a multi-product platform that modernizes the way e-commerce businesses automate marketing.

We are E-commerce Sellers First

Every solution on our platform was created to solve our own internal problems managing three E-commerce brands. After sharing our solution with our E-commerce friends, and $50 Million in revenue later, Megaphone was born.

In 2024, our AI Chatbot Assistant is managing 87% of all customer service tickets. Our AI Assistant can crawl your website and SOP’s within 90 seconds and provide customer service responses more consistent and accurate that your best employee. Ask us for a demo to see for yourself!

We've powered over one million interactions

For more than fifty million in revenue

Reaching 625k customers


Started in a spare bedroom

Microderm GLO


A second E-commerce brand



Sold in 39 countries worldwide

Microderm GLO


#5 Fastest Growing Company in the Midwest (Microderm GLO)

Inc Magazine


Innovative Product Award (Mondava)

Chicago Innovation


Shared our technology with our
E-commerce friends



Created Built-For-You, white-labeled email marketing systems



Generated over $50 million in combined revenue



Released AI Chatbot Assistant for Customer Service


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