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Connect with your customers wherever they connect with you.

Get connected with your customers quickly in every channel—Facebook, Google, etc.—without adding more work for your business. With Megaphone Channels, messages from every platform are routed into a single inbox for your team to manage. When your team responds, the message goes back to the customer in the same channel/website they initiated the conversation from at the beginning.

Communicate in the channels your customers prefer.

Keep conversations where they started.

Your audience reaches out from a specific channel (Facebook, Google, etc.) for a reason—it’s where they want to communicate. Even though your team can respond from a single inbox, customers receive your responses in the channel they messaged you from originally, keeping them engaged and satisfied.

See every message in one inbox.

Route every message from every channel—email, Facebook, Webchat, text, and phone calls—into a single, centralized inbox with Megaphone. No more jumping between tools or platforms to keep up with messages. Save your team time and respond to customers faster.

Communicate with customers faster on every channel.

Stop missing leads and messages.

Respond to every message quickly and easily, no matter what channel (Facebook, Webchat, text, etc.) customers use to connect to your business. Missed messages mean missed sales—not anymore with Megaphone Inbox.

Hear from happy Megaphone customers.

Mark Veldhuizen

Owner, Marv's Body Shop

“I really like how Amplify CRM ties it all together — Webchat, Facebook Messenger, all of them—into one place. We can catch everything in one place and respond much faster that way.”

Craig Peterson

General Manager, Manchester Music Mill

“We had an increase in deals that we were doing through text, through online [and] through Facebook, so we definitely saw a bump and a lift, and we also saw the increase in efficiency as well with the time that it takes to do those deals.”

Andrea Mascaro

Marketing Director, Lux Bond & Green

“It’s been very helpful in completing that white-glove branding experience throughout all of our platforms. We respond to all text messages, all social media, all emails from customers within 10 minutes.”

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Sales: 1-888-857-5580