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Make customer communication faster and easier.

See every lead and customer conversation from every channel in a single, easy-to-use inbox. View and respond to every chat, review, text, Facebook message, and phone call in a single thread.

Real results from local businesses like yours.

Kara Weed

Ultra Modern Pool & Patio

“We sold a hot tub within four text messages with a really quick text exchange, which was awesome.”


Increase in revenue

Madeline Sweeten

LA Furniture

“With Megaphone, our response time is less than a minute. That’s five times less, if not more. That’s crazy time savings.”

<1 min

Response time + 5,000+ Webchat leads in 9 months

Amir Alahwal

Unstoppable Auto Group

“Megaphone has pushed us at least five years into the future. I would never go back to another platform because of how successful Megaphone has been.”


Text marketing subscribers in under 12 months

Communicate with leads and customers—from a single inbox.

Respond to all your leads in 5 minutes or less.

Stop wasting time switching from tool to tool to try and respond to every lead from every channel. Instead, never miss a lead again with Megaphone. With a single inbox, you can route every lead from every channel to the right person quickly and give your interested customers a great first impression.

Get in touch with customers faster and easier.

Connect with customers 5x faster about everything you need to communicate—appointment reminders, status updates, payment requests, review requests, NPS and CSI surveys, and more. Megaphone Inbox makes it easy to see every message, send every message, and make sure all of the right messages are delivered in the channel that works best for your customers.

Get more done in less time.

Send messages in bulk, save templates for the messages you send frequently, add an after-hours auto-responder, and automate specific messages for after you receive a payment, a review, and more.

Hear from happy Megaphone customers.

Matt Sneed

Director of Operations, Power Ford

“Customers love it because it gives them a direct line of communication to the person who has their car. We love it because it saves the team so much time. We save around 83 hours a month – that’s about half an employee salary. It’s significant”


hours saved monthly

Madeline Sweeten

Merchandising Manager, LA Furniture

“You’re not going to get out of a phone call with a customer in under five, six minutes, at best. With Podium, our response time is less than a minute. That’s five times less, if not more. That’s crazy time savings.”


faster response times

Marissa Billiu

Marketing Director, Guyou Construction

“You can go through your text messages in Podium and see who hasn’t responded and say, ‘Hey, I didn’t hear back from you. How’s it going?’ It works for me and I think it works for our customers too as seen by our great response rates.”


customer response rate

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Sales: 1-888-857-5580