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Get paid faster and save time with Amplify CRM Payments.

Amplify CRM’s payment options help small businesses gather more reviews, generate higher quality leads, and centralize customer data to better market and communicate with customers.

Real results from local businesses like yours.

Julie Davis

Pura Vida Body & Mind Spa

“The Amplify CRM readers are the most amazing game changer that we’ve had. Instead of having to be tied to a computer we’re able to be mobile walking around educating and doing consults. It’s so easy to take money, it’s amazing.”


In revenue in a single day with Amplify CRM Card Readers

Hillary Smedley

Genesis Dental

“Since we found out about Amplify CRM Payments, we have fallen in love with it. We no longer use any paper statements and have put our entire revenue management team on Amplify CRM. It’s super convenient for our patients, which we love, but also for our team members. It takes only 25% of the time to send and collect payments.”


Faster payment requests and collection

Tina Tasche

Van Horn Auto Group

“[Amplify CRM] Payments has done way more than just payments-related things for us. We can receive a payment within minutes, send out a review invitation, text a status update, get approval to do work, and more without ever picking up the phone.”


Collection rate

Simplify the payment experience—for you and your customers.

Accept every payment method, including financing and subscriptions.

Amplify CRM Payments is easy to use and built to help small businesses accept all major payment options. Offer financing, subscriptions, Buy Now Pay Later, and send out estimates to make the payment experience easy and convenient for everyone.

Get paid where you already communicate.

Handle all of your payment transactions in the channel you already use to communicate with customers—via text. With payment requests in the same thread as other customer messages, payments are more likely to be made on time and everyone—you and your customers—save time.

Keep payments safe and secure.

Advanced fraud protection and automatic reconciliation ensures that every transaction through Amplify CRM Payments is secure and accurate. Plus, it’s easy to track sales, follow up with past-due customers, and audit communications, saving your back office staff time and money.

Transform your phone to a card reader.

No card reader? No problem. Give customers the fast, secure payment option they prefer with just your phone. Plus, easy setup and centralized payments in Amplify CRM means you deliver a seamless customer experience from start to finish without the hassle of multiple platforms.

Hear from happy Amplify CRM customers.

Andrea Mascaro

Marketing Manager, Lux Bond & Green

“One of the ways for us to succeed in business is to keep ahead of the times. Podium Payments was the next step. Our customers were looking for ease of use. They were looking for quick responses. …it was just easier for us to process payments using Podium.”


revenue processed via text

Justin Miller

Franchise Owner, Wow 1 Day Painting

“Just two months after my team began using Podium Payments, our accounts receivable were reduced to zero! Thanks to Podium Payments, our average time-to-payment this month is just 24 minutes!”

24 min

average time-to-payment

Hillary Smedley

VP of Operations at Genesis Dental

“We no longer use any paper statements and have put our entire revenue management team on Podium. It’s super convenient for our patients, which we love, but also for our team members.”


revenue in 12 months

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